Ryan’s Portfolio

Note: Ryan’s website is no longer live, nor is he in the DC area.

My brother Ryan is an aspiring musician–a talented guitarist, cellist, singer, and songwriter–and he asked me to put together a website for him. I jumped at the chance to work with something creative but short and used the project to try something I’d never done before: build a responsive website from the ground up.

The design is very simple: one page, five sections. I coded breaks so it would look good on any device, and I built it as a WordPress template so he can edit each section as a page in the WordPress content management system to place basic updates within the realm of Ryan’s capabilities. The result is nothing fancy, but it doesn’t need to be. It works well and looks decent on anything from an iPhone to my 27-inch monitor at the office.

Hat tip to Thierry Koblentz of A List Apart for providing the technique I needed to make the videos resize with the browser.

And if you’re looking for a wedding musician/songwriter/jamming partner in the DC area in the near future, ryansandford.com is the place to go.