Jonathan and Ariel Engagement Photos

This photo shoot was done for Jonathan and Ariel, two of my closest friends at Hillsdale, in the midst of final exams and 11-degree weather, so the shoot was short and the editing was minimal. I find commercial photography a bit difficult, particularly this sort of project, because I haven’t had enough experience arranging people to feel comfortable telling them how to pose. Still, I love getting experience, and all the more when it’s with people I love.

Given the short time we were out shooting and the frustration I went through trying to work quickly when I couldn’t feel my fingers, I’m fairly pleased with these photos. With infinite time, I’m sure I could have done better (perhaps even with just a bit more time, or another 40 or 50 degrees), but these are fairly representative of my style both in composition and in editing. I like to take bright, crisp, realistic photos with a big dynamic range.